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Latinbet24 are committed to offering a fair and audited betting experience which is only possible through independent licensing and regulation.

Latinbet24 is a licensed bitcoin betting site under E-Gambling Montenegro.

E Gambling Montenegro d.o.o (Podgorica, Moskovska br. 65., reg. no. 50615951) hereby certifies that under the concession (serial no. AA 001588, numeric no. 133-01/15 5A i 1ERR) and approval (no. 02/02-118/4), organise and operate games of chance in Montenegro on website in accordance with the Agreement on management and financial cooperation, concluded between E Gambling Montenegro d.o.o. and TIGER TREE HOLDINGS d.o.o (Cetinje, Njegoseva br. 97., reg. no. 50721755) TIN: 03035166 on 05 March, 2015 which is valid from 05 March 2021, until 05 March 2022.